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Promoting Mental Health & Wellness

Online Training by  Altabest Management Services
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Online / Training
Aug 17, 2022
PHP  1,500.00 (VAT incl.)


Mental health is a continuum that everyone experiences and is affected.  We need to deal with the increased stress, anxiety and uncertainty this pandemic has brought. This training program aimed to ensure mental health and wellness in coping with the pandemic and in continuing to be productive for the organization.

Some causes of poor mental health are directly attributable to factors in the workplace, including, for instance, fear of the disease or excessive workload. A wide body of evidence suggests that poor workplace mental health negatively affects performance at both the individual and organizational level. Among other outcomes, improving mental health can boost employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity; it can also reduce health costs, employee turnover, and lost work time.


**All webinars/trainings are held via Zoom.


Course outline:  

1. Mental health  

    1. Raise Awareness on Mental Health Issues

    2. Correct the Stigma & Discrimination associated with Mental Health conditions

    3. Identify & provide support for individual at risk

    4. Facilitate Access of individual with Mental Health condition to treatment & psychosocial support

2. Workplace factors that can affect a worker's physical and mental health
    1. Effect of COVID-19

    2. Protection of Physical Safety

    3. Mental Protection

    4. Civility & Respect

    5. Clear Leadership &Expectations

    6. Mental Support

    7. Growth & Development

    8. Recognition & Reward

    9. Involvement & Influence

    10. Workload Management

    11. Balance

    12. Engagement

    13. Organizational Culture

    14. Mental Demands

3. Risk Factors for Poor Workplace Mental Health
4. Practical Strategies for Improving Mental Health with Stress De-briefing Methods
5. Stepped Mental Health Care Model


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Glinoga
is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist specializing in Clinical, Health, and Counseling Psychology. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science and (Dean’s Lister & Honors’ level in Psychology) a Clinical Masters and Doctorate degrees in Psychology and she has 36 years of work experience as a Clinical Psychologist in the United Nations’ High Commissioner for (Vietnamese) Refugees projects in Hongkong, Bataan and Palawan as well as she is currently the Psychologist of the Philippine Red Cross and the International Confederation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. Dr. Glinoga is a member of the Psychological Association of the Philippines, Licensed Psychologist and her reports were sent to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

As a psychologist, she provides the following integrated range of individual and couple/family therapy and psychological services, predominantly to adults and adolescents to improve the quality of their lives:

               -  experiencing distressing symptoms of fear, anxiety or depression

               -  experiencing difficulties managing your feelings and emotions

                - concerned about changes in your intellectual ability and/or memory

               -  experiencing difficulties coping with a recent traumatic or stressful event or change in your life.

                - looking for an opportunity to think or talk through your ideas before making a difficult decision

               - feeling distressed because your usual approaches to solving a problem have not worked

She has expertise in the treatment of:

           -  Fears, phobias, worry/anxiety and panic attacks

             -  Depression, grief and loss

             -  Childhood Abuse and Adult Abuse Issues

             -  Trauma, Prost Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

              - Shyness, social fears & chronic loneliness

            -  Habit problems (including over-eating, smoking and gambling)

              -  Anger Management

              -  Work Related Stress

             -  Marital, family and relationship problems 

              - Difficulties in adjusting to major life events and transitions

    (separation, death, job loss, etc.)

She also provides:

              - Intellectual, Personality & Memory Assessments

             -  Assessments for educational, annulment-legal or diagnostic


Aug 17, 2022
Wed 01:00 PM — 04:00 PM
Sep 17, 2022
Sat 01:00 PM — 04:00 PM
No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 3
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ALTABEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES is owned by Dr. Flor Glinoga; directly involved in diverse interests of project planning, operational management and consultancy, trading services, corporate and public training programs, and full human resources services and management.

Internationally Recognized Management and HRD Consultant

With a B.S. in Psychology, M.A./PhD in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Development Management with certificate course of Project Management at Wharton School of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, USA, Flor has a wealth of knowledge about individual, group, and organizational behavior.  She is a Project Management Practitioner (PMP) and a Master Black Belt (MBB). She is the Consultant of Integrated Financial Management Systems (IFMS) of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Consultant of Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV – holding company of Aboitiz group of companies) on Integrated Security Management Systems (ISMS). She is currently a Faculty in the graduate studies of Master of Science in Organizational Development of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA &P) and MBA in People Management of Lyceum of the Philippines. For the past thirty-six years, she has engaged individuals and organizations in the change process to increase their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness to include the training on strategic business plan programs, develop leadership skills, and build self-mastery. She uses a systems approach in working with individuals and organizations. ...

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