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The key to a successful business is to persuade your customers to buy again and again. But the way to get repeat business is to ensure that your customer is satisfied enough to patronize your business continuously. This seminar prepares your team to give impressive and consistent service to your customers. It helps you establish rapport with clients, integrate a professional yet personal approach and find ways to satisfy and build good customer relationships for repeat business.

What you'll learn
-To recognize the value of customers to our business
-To learn how to build and maintain a good customer service experience
-To manage customer expectations
-To keep customers satisfied and get repeat business


Track 1: Customer Service Culture
a. 5 Ways to Create CS Culture
b. 6 Attitudes to Become a CS Superstar
c. Step for Effective Communication
d. Essentials of Customer Experience

Track 2: The Customer & You
a. Understanding Your Customers
b. Servicing Different Types of Customers
c. Winning the moments of truth

Track 3: Customer Service Tools & Techniques
a. Customer Service Systems & Tools
b. Measuring Customer Satisfaction
c. Customer Service Tactics for Repeat Business

Track 4: Next Steps
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