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RESURGE is an Intensive Review Course patterned after the very successful REBUILD Program of Netscore Resource Management & Training Center last year. The course yielded a passing rate of 85.3% as compared to the National Passing Rate of 67% only.

The course is being offered to  all graduates of BS Real Estate Management aspiring to hurdle Board Licensure Exams for Real Estate Brokers for April 2023. Also included are those who were able to apply and secure a Notice of Admission (NOA) but for one reason or another have failed to take the scheduled exam lasy year.



Nestor S. Correa, REB, REA, PPM

Jovi Francis W. Tupaz, REB, REA, REC

Mary Ann S. Medina Cue, REB, REA, REC

Leonard Nevin V. Correa, REB. REA, PPM


No. of Days: 16
Total Hours: 80
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     NetScore Resource and Training Center came about as a result of the apparent need for a more up-to-date, more responsive and highly committed CPE provider in the Real Estate Service.

       Its founder, RE Broker/Appraiser/PRC Lecturer/ Realtor NESTOR S. CORREA, has more than 36 years of marketing experience in various industries such as consumer electronics, photographic equipment, reprographics (copiers), power management, events management, cosmetic surgery and lastly, real estate. He is an independent Marketing & Communications Consultant before deciding to become mentor to up-and -coming brokers, appraisers and salespersons.

      NetScore's proven track record of providing premium quality educational programs has drawn the acclaim of very successful alumni and practitioners such as:
               1. RESTART for Entry-level real estate professionals,
               2. REBUILD for aspiring Brokers,
               3. REAP for beginners in the Appraisal practice
               4. REARM for advanced brokers wishing to sharpen their skills, ...

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