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Webinar: Training for Executive Assistants

Online Webinar by  BusinessCoach Inc.
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Online / Webinar
Apr 14, 2023
PHP  1,750.00 (VAT incl.)


Training for Executive Assistants

Executive Assistant performs various tasks in an organization. Considered as one of the most trusted employees, which the executives rely on even on the most confidential matters in the office. They are also competent decision makers with an excellent communication skill.

Executive Assistant is also in-charge of arranging the boss’ schedule, and attend not only to business, but sometimes even with the personal dealings of the boss. These can be a tough and challenging position to hold in an office but also rewarding and fulfilling.

Key Topics

I. The EA Mindset Revolution

II. Evolution of Executive Assistant: Then and Now

III. Unique Rewards and Challenges of the Job

IV. Qualities of a Successful Executive Assistant

V. Support Skills, Duties and Responsibilities

VI. Managing Time and Stress

VII. Managing Communication

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Apr 14, 2023
01:00 PM — 04:00 PM
Online Live
Platform: Zoom
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BusinessCoach, Inc. is a duly organized corporation, and approved by the SEC to operate in accordance with the Corporation Code of the Philippines. It started its operation in September, 2008.
The company is a provider of quality business seminars which would enhance skills and contribute to entrepreneurial or career success. It is committed to keep abreast with the latest advances in the business, and focused on the strategic aspects of how to build and maintain a viable and profitable business.
BusinessCoach, Inc. is involved in the stringent selection of a pool of speakers from all fields, trades, and professions. It hopes to provide valuable programmes that are applicable, timely, and significant. BusinessCoach Inc. hopes to make managers’ and entrepreneurs’ lives easier, better, and richer.


The company’s vision is to be the leading provider of actual practice based business seminars that are relevant to businesses and useful for both professionals and entrepreneurs.


BusinessCoach Inc. will provide a broad array of seminar topics, preferably, to be discussed by experts in the field who had actual practice on the topics. There will be a greater emphasis on the business side – the how you improve the bottom line aspects. The company will strive to offer the most competent and stimulating resource persons possible in a setting that is pleasing to its clients and using the latest technology. ...

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