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This live webinar on MS Power BI has been prepared for those wishing to understand the powerful features of Microsoft Power BI considering that Microsoft Power BI is gaining its popularity as a visualization tool. Gain an overview of how Power BI can be explored and used to produce powerful and insightful reports. You’ll go from scratch to scratch as you learn how this common business intelligence platform is used through practical exercises. First, you will learn how to load and transform data confidently with Power Query and data models, before diving into visualizations using the drag and fall functionality of Power BI. You will also learn how to download reports and make your reports fully interactive. Finally, you will upgrade your skills to create customized calculated columns and fields using DAX formulas to better analyze your data. You learn how to modify and format a wide variety of visualizations through hands-on activities before heading into data sorting and hierarchy, which helps you to excel in your studies. Finally, you can learn how the information in your reports is filtered by location and how these filters interconnect and communicate with other visuals within your report.

At the end of the training, participants are expected to:

  • At the conclusion of this course, participants are expected to be conversant of the transition process of extracting their data sources, cleaning their data (or transforming their data), and loading it into MS Power BI Desktop for modelling purposes.
  • The final completion proof is that they will be able to view their reports using their mobile devices (and in like manner view those same data visualization using their desktop or laptop based computers).
Embrace the change. Enhance your set of skills. Keep on learning. We are with you at every step of the way.


  • Day 1:
    • What is power BI?
    • What are the various applications within the power BI family?
    • What are the roles of each member of the power BI family?
    • A brief overview of the various data sources that can be processed using MS power BI
    • Navigating the MS power BI menu
    • Understanding data view, report view and model view
    • Understanding filter pane, visualization pane, and table pane
    • Getting data
    • Getting Excel data
    • Getting CSV data
  • Day 2:
    • Connecting to a SQL table
    • Performing extract transform load (ETL) on data
    • Understanding extract transform load (ETL) capabilities
    • Cleaning data
    • Transforming data
    • Applying clean data for data visualization
    • Viewing columns using data view
    • Understanding the fields data section
    • Using the right chart for the right purpose
    • Understanding the right chart
    • Using selected custom visuals
    • Creating pages for data visualization
    • Creating calculated columns
    • Understanding calculated columns
  • Day 3:
    • Using the model view
    • Understanding data relationship
    • Going back to the Venn diagram
    • Understanding one to many data relationship
    • Understanding many to many data relationship
    • Using DAX
    • Understanding the syntax of the DAX
    • Understanding measures
    • Understanding the output of measures
    • Understanding scalar values
    • Understanding tabular values
    • Creating subquery tables
    • Creating virtual tables
    • Advantages of virtual tables to physical tables


Mar 28, 2023 - Mar 30, 2023
Mon, Tue, Wed 01:00 PM — 05:00 PM
Online Live
Platform: Zoom
No. of Days: 3
Total Hours: 12
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