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Micro-Learning Webinar Administrative Professionals Records & Filing Management

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Online / Seminar
Ended last Apr 13, 2024
PHP  800.00


Micro-Learning, as a concept, refers to a focused and concise approach to learning that delivers information in bite-sized modules. It is designed to enhance knowledge retention and make learning more accessible and convenient. By breaking down complex topics into smaller, digestible parts, micro-learning ensures learners can grasp the key concepts efficiently.

It is a TWO HOURS SESSION per topic.


  • Office Files & Records Assessment
  • Challenges to Effective Records Management
  • Effective Filing & Recording System & Process
  • Introduction to Digital Records Management
  • Records Inventory & Classification
  • Records Storage & Disposition


This webinar will be an interactive session, allowing participants to engage with the speakers, ask questions, and gain practical knowledge applicable to their ADMINISTRATIVE roles. Whether you are an Admin professional, manager, or simply interested in expanding your understanding of Admin practices, this webinar will provide valuable insights and learning opportunities.


Apr 13, 2024
Sat 10:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Online Live
Platform: Zoom
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