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Free Seminar 5S Workplace Management System Online Seminar

Online Seminar by  IOSH Training Services
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This Free Seminar is open to all individuals interested to be more productive, effective and efficient. Imagine what result you get once you learn the 5S and apply it in your  work, workplace, business, and even your personal life.

No employment or education qualification required.

NO SEMINAR FEE to PAY. The LEARNING and INFORMATION that you will get from this FREE SEMINAR delivered by a DOLE Accredited OSH Practitioner as resource person is FREE indeed. No Certificate will be issued.

You do not need to request a Certificate of Participation (COP) if you do not want it. But, if you request for an ecopy and/or hardcopy of the Certificate of Participation, it is at nominal fee.

If you are from a company, you may send as much number of employees to join the seminar WHILE IT IS FREE. This informative seminar will definitely benefit all participants.

If you are not from a company, we request you to share this to your circle of friends and colleagues so they too will benefit from this free seminar.


1.  Since this Free Seminar is Online, it will be video recorded for documentation.\
2.  Make sure that your camera is working and open during the seminar.
3.  ALL participants MUST be on camera all throughout the seminar.
4.  Participants who are OFF CAMERA will be removed and disqualified to join.


The 5S Workplace Management System is a methodology derived from lean manufacturing principles, aimed at improving efficiency, safety, and organization in the workplace. It originates from Japan and is named after five Japanese words that all start with the letter 'S.' These principles have been translated into English, also resulting in words starting with 'S.


The resource person who is a DOLE Accredited OSH Practitioner (from year 2006) wants to share his expertise to everyone ready to listen.

Special Offer

Once you have joined this free seminar, you will be invited to our other free seminars and training.


Jun 20, 2024
Thu 09:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Online Live
Platform: Zoom
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At IOSH Training Services, Quality Training is Number 1. We adapt the Socratic Method of Learning. Our Core Value is Quality. Profit is second to quality. Thus, we facilitate learning and development activities - training, seminars, webinars - even if there is but few registered participants. 

IOSH Training Services facilitates much-needed seminars, webinars, training, and other learning requirements of stakeholders from various business enterprises, professionals, and individuals. The company is registered with the DTI for National Operations, BIR, and the local government unit (in Quezon City and Tarlac City).

The company aims to help companies comply with the statutory requirements of the Philippines, particularly, Republic Act No. 11058 and its Implement Rules and Regulations, Department Order No. 198-18 (the training requirements for safety officers for low, medium, and high risk establishments); the 2-day AMO Seminar required by PCAB; the COSH training for STE

The company focuses on providing quality training and learning, to help DOLE in promoting and propagating safety and health in the Philippines in order to preserve lives by protecting the welfare of both the workers and management. The organization is managed by DOLE Accredited OSH Practitioner and DOLE Accredited OSH Consultant. ...

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