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The Angelicum College Home Study Program (HSP) which is recognized by DepEd-NCR in 1996, caters to the academic needs of those who cannot be physically present in school on a regular basis brought about by health constraints, employment and early marriages. It also cater those who have exceeded the nornmal age of schooling but want to complete their basic education.

The Program allows learners to study at home at their own pace and time while the validation of their mastered skills is provided in school, supervised by a learning facilitator. Learner's academic achievements are not measured by grades or marks since Angelicum College advocates that "Grades aren't everything, Learning is!"

HSP offers three (3) programs:

1. Regular
2. Online
3. Intensive Individualized Instructions (Triple I)

The Regular Home Study Program

This Program is designed for learners who cannot be physically present in a usual classroom set-up due to health reasons, family situations, and other personal reasons. Learners complete their modules at home but examinations to validate their skills are taken in school on a face-to-face basis.

Program Design
  • HSP learner is given two (2) days each week from Monday to Thursday for one-on-one learning sessions with their facilitators.
  • Consultation, small group discussion, checking of modular activities, and oral examination are provided.
The Online Learning Program

The HSP Online Learning is an innovation for distance learning. It provides learners the opportunity to study and finish basic education without reporting to Angelicum College. They could access and answer all activities online. Learners also take the mastery tests online which are validated by the assigned learning facilitator. Final validation is done face-to-face at the HSP Learning area.

Through the online system, Angelicum College Conducts on-site placement examination and interview for group applicants.

The Intensive Individualized Instructions (Triple I) Program

The Triple I Program is designed for mainstreamed learners with special needs. It caters to learners who are having problems with their learning.

Program Design
  •  One facilitator-one learner approach to address any need for remediation.
  •  Three-hour regular session every Friday in school in order to attend to    his/her needs.
  •  Modules are given to the learner which he/she completes at home.
  •  Weekly Progress report is accomplished by the assigned learning facilitator  to record the learner's accomplishment, behavior, completion of assigned    tasks, and other reinforcement activities.
  •  Regular conference with the parents/guardians is conducted by the  assigned facilitator at the end of the day.

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