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This course is covers Service Concern and Merchandising Concern from chart of accounts, journalize transaction, Post Transaction, Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Owners equity, STatement of Cash Flows, Closing Entries and Post Closing Trial Balance.


It covers theory of bookkeeping and focus on service concern from :

I. Theory

II. Work Related Project
A. Service Concern
1. chart of account,
2.journalize transaction,
3. post transaction,
4. trial balance,
5. Balance Sheet
6. Income Statement
7. Statement of cash flow
8. Statement of Owners Equity
9. Closing Entries
10.Post Closing Trial Balance

B. Merchandising Concern
 1. jorunalize transaction


Annabelle M. Elegio
Bir Accredited Tax Practioner
TESDA- Accred & Reg. Trainer & Assessor 

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