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Letters, e-mails, reports, and memos play a crucial role in helping you and your company conduct business.  Your written messages ensure clear communication with internal and external customers.  They produce sales.  They produce results for any organization.

The irony is, these considerations oftentimes make writing a difficult task.  In fact, professionals waste as much as 67% of their time producing a letter or report.  These delayed messages are an extra cost for the company and give stress to writers. Meanwhile, poorly written messages cause disaster.

Written correspondences are more than just correct grammar. Learn and apply Five C’s of good writing using a practical approach. 

  • Reduce writing time by at least 30%.
  • Start each letter, memo, and correspondence the right way all the time.
  • Spot and correct common errors in grammar and usage.
  • Cut information overload in correspondences.
  • Prevent misunderstanding by organizing thoughts logically.
  • Write tactful, empathetic, and courteous messages.
  • Win approval by writing persuasive messages.
  • Project a professional image by writing conversational yet business-like e-mails.

Avoid expensive errors and opportunity losses caused by incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsiderate messages.  Get the attention of your readers. Get the skills to deliver your message and produce results.

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PowerSpeak is a training center for Leadership and Effective Communication envisioned as the premier professional development center in the country. Having entered this highly viable industry, PowerSpeak, Inc. aims to create a niche that would be easily distinguished from existing competitors in terms of the quality of its training and service. PowerSpeak, Inc. was created with the intention of empowering individuals by helping them to develop their personal and professional potentials to meet the increasing demands for greater efficiency and intense competition. PowerSpeak’s expertise gives you the edge to be more effective as a leader by sharpening personal and leadership skills and increasing effectiveness in both written and oral communication.

PowerSpeak designs and conducts in-house leadership and communication seminars for its corporate clients.

PowerSpeak offers Classes and Tutorials in Power Presentation and Public Speaking, English Conversation, Grammar Mastery & Application, Intensive Pronunciation, Business Writing and other workshops.

PowerSpeak, Inc. started its operations on March 8, 2003. Since that time PowerSpeak, Inc. has succeeded in providing quality training to several companies and helping these companies achieve their corporate objectives. ...

Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 552-3147
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