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IMO Model Course 6.09

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In-Person / Short Course
Ended last Aug 16, 2019
PHP  8,000.00


This Model course is designed to facilitate the delivery of training in the competence standards required by the IMO Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended (STCW 95). It will also provide a sound basis for the delivery of other training programs.

Since the course is relatively short, it cannot provide a full course of teacher training. However, it should provide a useful introduction for those with limited teaching experience. For those who have been teaching for some time, the course may introduce some new approaches or serve as a reminder of techniques that have been forgotten.


1. Understand and Describe how STCW 95 requires competence-based training requirements of STCW 95
   1.1 Describe the competence-based training requirements of STCW 95
2. Plan an effective teaching environment
   2.1 Plan the learning process
   2.2 Demonstrate a knowledge of the factors which affect student learning
3. Use a range of teaching methods effectively
   3.1 Demonstrate a range of teaching methods appropriate to the needs of trainee seafarers.
4. Use of appropriate training Aids
   4.1 demonstrate a range of teaching aids
   4.2 select appropriate training aids
5. Produce a relevant lesson plan
   5.1 Identify outcomes for a lesson
   5.2 Recognize factors to consider when planning
6. Evaluate teaching and learning
   6.1 Analyze the uses of evaluation
   6.2 Identify measurements of performance
   6.3 Select appropriate evaluation methods
   6.4 Identify the need for quality management
7. Design a course study
   7.1 Identify the factors to be considered when designing a learning programme
   7.2 deliver a new course of study


No. of Days: 10
Total Hours: 80
No. of Participants: 24
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The National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP), a government owned maritime training and research agency located at Brgy 97, Cabalawan Tacloban City, situated at the foot of the famous San Juanico Bridge.

Vision:            A World-Class Maritime Center of Excellence


Mission:          NMP shall provide maritime training and research that measure up to international standards and respond to the  needs of the Filipino seafarers and the industry.

National Maritime Polytechnic
Brgy. 97, Cabalawan, Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines 6500
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