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Stars and Rainbow Academy, Inc. (SRAI) is a leading training and assessment services provider focused on providing training in welding and Japanese Language since 2005. Our mother company, with over 30years experience, has been involved in diversified fields of endeavor such as ship management, ships classification, manpower deployment for land based and sea based industries, land development, agriculture and communications solutions.

Stars and Rainbow Academy, Inc.’s two-fold core competency lies in our ability to understand the current and future training needs unique to each of the end users/employer of the students whom we provide training and assessment for. Our training is designed to prepare each student for application/employment with our over 80 partners mainly in Japan and Australia as well as other countries such as Canada, Greece, Vietnam, Haiti, and other parts of the world who source their manpower requirements through our sister companies. Since training is inseparable to assessment, a complementary core competence of Stars and Rainbow Academy, Inc. is our capacity to provide support in the selection process for candidates of our sister company’s recruitment requirements from our pool of graduates through the assessment services we provide, which are based on National (NC II/NC III) and International standards. ...
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