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Medical Transcription course is a program that teaches those interested in the field of healthcare information & technology the basics of how to transcribe a medical report with the required accuracy.  After the 1-month program, participants are required to undergo the TESDA National Certificate-II assessment to become certified medical transcriptionists in the Philippines.


I.  Review of English grammar for 3 days.

II.  Medical terminology training for 10 days.

III.  Transcription quizzes for 17 days.

IV.  Medical transcription laboratory through the entire training program.

Total number of training days = 50 days


Cedric David G. Bacalzo, PTRP, RN, CPC, CRC, CLSSBB

The trainer is a registered nurse, licensed physical therapist, and certified medical coder with the AAPC who has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, particularly in medical transcription.

Special Offer

Free training with allowance offered within the company and exposure to hospital and clinic accounts in the US and Australia.
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Transkripsyo Inc. is a well-established, pioneering and leading documentation solutions provider in the Philippines. Our strong commitment and dedication in providing the most cost effective and highest level of service to our clients has enabled us to grow and become one of the largest transcription companies in the country. We have since diversisified our servicesofferings beyond transcription to include speech recognition editing, captioning, data entry, coding and billing, and other outsourced services.
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