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Voice out your innate talents in musical theater. Revel in a resounding feast for the ears in a workshop for stage performers who are inclined to music. A course full of musical explorations as well as the elements of musical performance and forms of musical theater.

PETA THEATER CENTER: 18 sessions | Sched: TBA

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The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) opens its doors once again to another batch of workshoppers this July to September with Workshop Weekends. PETA invites adults and professionals to take a break from their stressful workweeks, and take hold of creative pursuits in a holistic theater workshop facilitated by experienced theater practitioners.

Each course incorporates PETA’s Integrated Theater Arts Approach, which combines five different disciplines in theater— creative drama, body movement and dance, creative sound and music, creative writing and visual arts —creating for a well-rounded course suited for theater enthusiasts as well as individuals looking for more creative ways of spending the weekends.

Philippine Educational Theater Association
Metro Manila, Philippines
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