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This course is designed to equip you with skills in Architectural Modeling the easy way.  It covers creating 2D & 3D models, walk-through, animation, rendering, V-Ray.  Field of concentration: Engineering and Architecture.




1.0 Basic Computer Concept & Windows


2.0 2D Modeling

            2.1  Drawing Toolbar

            2.2  Modification Toolbar

2.3  Camera Toolbar


3.0 3D Modeling

            3.1 Entities, Context Menu for Entities

       3.2 Exporting 3DS Files , 2D DWG Files, DXF Files 

3.3 Principal Toolbars

3.4 Layer Toolbar

3.5 Face Style Toolbar

3.6 Sandbox Toolbar

3.7 Shadow Toolbar

3.8 Walkthrough Toolbar

3.9 Google Toolbar


4.0 Animation

4.1 Animation Export Option Dialog Box

4.2 Frame Rate

4.3 Loop to Starting Scene

4.4 Anti-Alias

4.5 Play when Finished

4.6 Always Prompt to Animation Option

4.7 Scene Tab Context Menu Item


5.0 Rendering & V-Ray

5.1 Rendering

5.2 Anti-Alias

5.3 Transparent Background

5.4 V-Ray


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