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This course is for people who are seriously planning to set up  and manage a retailing business. In this seminar, you will learn how to identify and target customers, choose the best location for a retail business, and manage the various aspects of a retail business!


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LifeQuest Training and Consultancy Corporation envisions itself as the lifetime coach of people who seek success in life.

The LifeQuest corporate name is a combination of the words “life” and “quest” to signify that the company aims to help people in both the corporate and non-corporate worlds in their quest for success in life.
LifeQuest works for its vision by: a) Serving any entity that wishes to acquire or enhance life skills, and desires to be guided or coached during their quest for success; b) Offering training programs, coaching programs, and other skills enhancement products and services that enable people to easily and immediately implement what they learn; c) Being active primarily in Metro Manila while acting on opportunities that present themselves in other national locations; d) Using appropriate training methodologies, communication technologies, and operating systems that will support the company’s vision and mission; e) Pursuing aggressive growth through sound financial management; f) Committing to the values of achievement, fun, prosperity, generosity, gratitude, helpfulness, teamwork, optimism, integrity, commitment, lifelong learning, and environmentalism; g) Promoting deep and continuing relationships with all of its stakeholders; h) Supporting efforts to enhance its community and protect its environment; and i) Developing all company members into its most valuable assets. ...
LifeQuest Training and Consultancy Corporation
1838, Dian St., Makati City, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines 1235
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