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Strategic Planning is a 2- day planning session that involves group discussions, brainstorming and technology of participation (TOP). Using a Balanced Scorecard as key performance indicator (KPI), it identifies the initiatives Programs, Projects and Activities) to achieve the KPI or measures hence, achieving the strategic objectives. This planning session aims to provide the management with a comprehensive picture of business operation and initiatives that are continually measured and evaluated.

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D. M. Consunji Technical Training Center is an ISO and TESDA accredited training center and a  DOLE-OSHC Safety Training Organization (STO) that offers safety, management, behavioral and construction technical training programs.

 Our mission is to contribute to the growth of the DMC Group of companies vis-à-vis the construction industry by building capacities of the Human Capital through identified OD (Oraganizational Development) interventions, program development, training and certification in order to complement initiatives to develop organizational excellence.

D.M. Consunji Technical Training Center (DMCTTC)
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