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This course will introduce the different special effects of makeup application for TV’s and film. The students will broadly use the different special effects materials to create special effects and different scenarios commonly found in TV’s and film like ageing, death, glamour makeup, scars, bald cap, and others.


I. Background Information of Prosthetics Makeup
1. Prosthetics for TV’s and Films
2. Prosthetics Makeup and Theater or Stage Makeup
3. Working Area for Prosthetic Makeup
4. Basic Concepts of General Anatomy and Physiology •
5. Three Body Types: Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic, Endomorphic
6. Distinctions of Gender, Age, and Ancestry 
7. Safe Working Practices in the Working Environment

II. Tools, Implements, and Materials for Prosthetics Makeup

III. The Prosthetics Makeup
1. Corrective Makeup
2. Glamour Makeup
3. Death Makeup
4. Ageing Makeup
5. Types of Camera Film: 8 mm, 16 mm, Super 16 mm, 35 mm
6. High Definition Television

IV. Special Effects
1. Injury, Cuts, and Bruises
2. Diseases
3. Wounds, Pimples, Acne, and Scars
4. Facial Hair
5. Bald Cap
6. 3D SFX Using Wax
7. Safety Precautions Before, During, and After Applying Special Effects Items
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