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Technical Writing for Beginners

Person-Led / Workshop
Ended last Jun 24, 2017
PHP  3,000.00
PHP  3,000.00


The workshop is designed for professionals involved in writing proposals, manuals, reports and creating PowerPoint presentations. General guidelines are presented in such a way that various industries (construction, engineering, sales and marketing, medical, etc.) can relate with the examples and activities introduced to the participants.

REGISTER HERE http://bit.ly/TechWrit101


REGISTER HERE http://bit.ly/TechWrit101

Introduction to Technical Writing

 • Definition and uses of technical writing
• How technical writing is different from other forms of writing
• Types of technical documents
Characteristics of Good Technical Writing
Understanding Your Audience
 • Targeting your audience and identifying their needs
• Multi-faceted audiences
• Creating a user-profile
Data Gathering
 • Structuring your research through basic outline and mind mapping
• Data gathering tools
Writing Your Documents
 A. Reports and proposals
 B. Manuals
Graphics and Layouts
 • Basic design principles for technical documents
• Image types and sources
• Tools and software
Basic Editing and Proofreading
 • Reviewing and revising your document
Effective PowerPoint Presentations
 • Design and layout
• Illustrating your point to enhance your message
• Tools and features


Jonah Marie Chipeco has ten years of experience in Marketing and Communications. This is how she gained firsthand knowledge of business writing through correspondencing with diverse audiences such as the academe, media, non-profit, government organizations and corporations.

Visit her website: jonahchipeco.com

REGISTER HERE http://bit.ly/TechWrit101

Experience in Writing

  • Completed a Business Communication course accredited by the CPD Certification Service

  • Submitted business plans, training and operation manuals while pioneering Direct Marketing units of two international non-profit organizations

  • Executes copywriting and production for promotional materials as marketing practitioner and entrepreneur

  • Publishes e-books on Amazon Kindle

  • Maintains a personal blog and contributes articles for Digital Circles Asia

  • Writes online help articles in health, immigration, marketing and relationships for various clients in Metro Manila and abroad

  • Taught business writing and technical writing for two semesters among freshmen and sophomore students while acting as adviser for the school publication

  • Member and holder of editor positions in various publications and newsletters from grade school until colleg

Special Offer

Advance deposit is required to reserve your seats.  Limited slot only.  We will require minimum 8 participants to push through the event, otherwise, the seminar will be rescheduled within the next 6 weeks.

For inquiries email goupeventsmanila@gmail.com.

REGISTER HERE http://bit.ly/TechWrit101
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