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Fashion Photography: The Creative Process

Person-Led / Workshop
Ended last Mar 17, 2017
PHP  6,950.00 ++
PHP  6,950.00 ++


Learn how to take stunning fashion photographs with professional models. Discover how to blend art and commerce into the creative process.

In this intensive workshop, the instructor reveals a number of techniques for creating visually compelling fashion images. Each participant will have the opportunity to create professional grade, world-class, and portfolio-quality fashion photographs.


What will be covered
• What is Fashion Photography? How does it differ from other genre that involves taking photos of people like Beauty, Lifestyle and Portraiture.
• Skills needed to learn and master fashion photography
    • Creativity
    • Imagination (a lot)
    • Infuences and taste
    • Model Posing
    • Hair and Makeup
    • Styling
    • Mood Board
    • Props and site
• Thorough understanding about characteristics of light
    • Light modifiers
    • Light sources
    • Light meter
    • Lighting Equipments
    • Lighting styles
    • Troubleshooting lighting
• Production
    • Working with a team
    • Planning and preparation
    • Communication
    • Tethered shooting
    • Post Production
    • Selection of photos
    • Initial Editing (Lightroom)

Who should attend
This is for amateur and professional photographers who want to venture into fashion photography and create compelling and stunning images.

Participants should have completed PCCI's Basic Photography workshop or have equivalent experience.

Presentation method
Class time is divided between instructor-led presentations, hands-on practice, and instructor-led critiques of the photos taken in class.

What to bring
Participants should bring their own digital SLR or Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera.


Albert Pedrosa is a commercial photographer who loves shooting fashion. He teaches photography for both basic and advanced. He also covers beauty and fashion retouching. He writes for SunStar Daily and IMAG photography magazine about photography.

He is an Adobe Certified Expert and Color Specialist. He started shooting during his high school days and continued shooting in College. He spent more than a decade in print advertising and decided to shoot again sometime 2009.


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 16
No. of Participants: 15
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