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Bookkeeping Course TESDA NC-III Accredited

Person-Led / Short Course
Ended last Feb 27, 2017
PHP  34,000.00 ++
PHP  34,000.00 ++


Why take EAA's Bookkeeping Course

Looking for a career that works? Want to work your way up the career ladder that pays well but feeling like you lack specific technical skills? Times are tough, and investing in good education should serve multiple purposes such as providing quality knowledge and skills that not only yield well-paying jobs, but bright career possibilities as well.

Continuously expanding job opportunities At the start of 2010, DOLE included accountants and bookkeepers as some of the Hot Jobs or in demand skills needed this year. In fact, the BPO industry is expanding into these areas and other countries are also starting to tap into the Philippines' bookkeeping services and core business functions such as data entry, marketing, payroll and logistics are also flexible. Even with automated systems and advanced accounting software, the demand for skilled bookkeepers is steadily growing in number.

Be a Certified Bookkeeper. We at Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy believe in the potential of this industry and would like to invite you to check out and enroll in our Bookkeeping Course! Our course is TESDA-Registered with an NC-III certification, assuring you a sound background in bookkeeping and basic accounting functions that are found in all types of organizations –whether profit or non-profit, micro, small to medium or large enterprises!

Why take this course?
  • Greater job opportunities both here and abroad because all companies, though varying in size, is required by law to "keep" accounting books. With this said, you can work in any type of organization as an accounting staff, bookkeeper or administrative staff and work your way up to the top.
  • Program but can be finished within five (5) months!
  • TESDA-Registered with Level III National Certification recognized nationally and internationally.
  • The large size of this occupation ensures plentiful job openings here and abroad, including many opportunities for temporary and part-time work.
  • There is a growing number BPO Companies for Finance and Accounting that offer an awesome compensation package
  • You can work at home as a freelancer and have a flexible work time schedule with lucrative income opportunities

Some highlights of what you will obtain after completing this course are:
  • Basic competencies and communication skills in the workplace
  • Maximizing mathematical concepts and techniques
  • Common competencies – checking for quality standards, basic computer operations, maintaining effective interpersonal skills
  • Journalizing Business Transactions
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Preparation
  • Preparing and checking policy compliance
  • Relevant technologies: Excel Automation & QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2010



Special Offer


No. of Days: 240
Total Hours: 1920
No. of Participants: 20
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