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Effective Performance Coaching

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Organizations usually have clear objectives and targets.  They have standards and best practices for people to follow.  There are processes and service level agreements that are for strict compliance. And leaders have the full mandate to enforce all of these to bring the organization to optimum performance.


Still, the reality is, there are many times when people are unable to deliver the expected performance.  In fact, for many organizations and teams, these are seen on a regular basis.


This is where effective, flexible leaders come in. They don’t just reprimand nor counsel, they coach people using a wide variety of tools – corrective and even preventive feedback, motivation, even teaching. 


Hence, the management tool of “monitoring” people isn’t enough.  Today’s fast-changing business landscape requires leaders to be effective coaches.  Not just as a plus, but as a must!  On the other hand, high performers still need coaching!  They are coached in order to achieve the next level of performance for both the team and the organization.


Get more results from your coaching efforts.  Get your people to become more effective, productive, and committed.  With Guthrie-Jensen’s Effective Performance Coaching Workshop, you and your fellow managers will be able to

  • Unleash maximum performance from your employees by applying the principles of effective coaching.
  • Formulate metrics that will guide your people towards the right kind and level of performance.
  • Diagnose and resolve problems that detract from optimum employee performance.
  • Discover why listening more, asking the right question and giving feedback the right way can make each coaching session really work.
  • Select the right coaching approach given the different types of employees and performance concerns.
  • Coach performers to avoid backsliding and prime them for higher responsibilities.
  • Get employees to commit to action plans to bring performance to an optimum level.

Basic leadership jumpstarts the team.  But it’s coaching that sustains it for the long term.  Update your coaching skills today. Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Effective Performance Coaching Workshop!


Guthrie-Jensen Seminars are Skills-Building Programs. We emphasize immediate application, and participants are given opportunities to apply learnings during the seminar itself through workshops, guided discussions, and even role plays. We put lectures at a minimum. Guthrie-Jensen also goes beyond motivation. We equip people with skills they can concretely use after the training.
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