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Make Up or Step Up Summer Camp

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Ended last Jun 02, 2017
PHP  4,500.00


Make Up or Step Up Summer Camp!

Help your child build Maths skills this summer with MatheMagis Singapore Maths!

We offer Singapore Maths enrichment programs for ages 4 up to 14.

JUMPSTART is for 4 to 6 yrs old . This program develops basic math concepts and enhances analytical skills for the primary grades

BOOST is for Grades 1 to 6. This program strengthens understanding of concepts, strategic thinking and problem solving in increasing complexity

BAR BOOST is for 7 to 14 yrs old. This equips children to conquer complex word problems with the bar model technique in an intensive module

Visit our centers for the FREE diagnostic asessment to determine your child’s skill level strengths and challenging topics.

MWF 1 hr/ session every hour

T TH 1.5 hrs/ session every 1.5 hour

Wave 1:  March 20 – April 7

Wave 2: April 17 – May 5

Wave 3: May 8 – May 26

Wave 4: May 9 – June 16**

Schedule per branch may vary

**Limited slots per session. Call our centers to reserve your slot.


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Mathemagis is an after school Maths enrichment  program for kids 4 to 12 years old based on the internationally acclaimed and proven mathematics curriculum of Singapore. The program focuses on developing problem-solving skills thorough conceptual understanding of math principles, visualization using bar models and a well articulated sequence of topics for preschool up to the primary grades.

Mathemagis (say Mah – thee- mah – gis) is a combination of the words Math and Magis.  Magis is a Latin word which means “better”.  The name reflects our desire to help children and students be better in math – to be the best they can be through Maths.

Explorarium Co. Ltd.
Unit 26 3/F Cedar Executive Bldg. Arnaiz Ave. , Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines 1234
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