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The Builders' Paradise (4-6 years old)

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On-Site / Workshop
Ended last Jul 06, 2017
PHP  8,500.00


Education while playing is the best time for students to learn through the use of Robotics. In this program, children will use Lego Duplos for the creation of tangible outputs with the help of their ideas and imagination. The Builders’ Paradise is incorporating the STEM education where they can impart their creative thinking in putting up ideas and social ability in communicating with their peers. The various ideas and unique learning are worthy experience to achieve the limitless fun of opportunities.

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We are the most admired educators with the best learning centers in the field of Robotics for kids.

Professionalism, Learning Continuously, Integrity, Teamwork, Caring Service

FIRST Robotics Learning Center endeavours to implement the concept of learning with fun. Amidst technological advancements, kids these days spend majority of their time staying in front of computers or playing while in front of a display such as Playstation, iPad, iPhone, etc. We at FIRST Robotics Learning Center provide an alternative that purposes the kids to display their creativity through fun learning. With the center’s fresh and innovative approach to robot designing, kids are assured of assimilating up-to-date information and manipulating state-of-the-art materials which are primarily utilized in the field of robotics. The center emphasizes on STEM* (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in its quest to equip the students with competitive robotics literacy. 

First hands-on experience with Robotics Kits is provided. The lesson set-up trains kids to be team players and problem solvers. It also aims to flicker their imagination and ignite their resourcefulness. Kids will learn directly by creating, exploring, troubleshooting and making their own ideas come to life. They’ll learn how to think outside the box.  ...
FIRST Robotics Learning Center
Unit 2, G/F Goldhill Tower, 5 Annapolis St., Greenhills San Juan , San Juan , Metro Manila, Philippines 1502
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