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Titan IQ Builder Summer Program

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On-Site / Workshop
Ended last Apr 14, 2017
PHP  25,000.00


Date: March 27, 2017 - April 28, 2017 (STILL ACCEPTING ENROLLEES!)
Holiday break: April 10 - 14, 2017
Age: 13 years old and above
Schedule9:00am - 12:00nn
Cost: Full Program PhP35,000
2 Choice Courses PhP25,000

* Advanced writing
  - Theme writing, essay writing, poetry, research, and note taking skills
*Public speaking
  -  Debate, poem recitation
* Reading Comprehension Skills
  - Reading techniques and text analysis
Math and Logic
In partnership with Seriously Addictive Maths (S.A.M.) Our Math and Logic program focuses on mastery. The Singaporean Math method emphasizes on fewer topics than the traditional math method, but goes into each topic in greater depth. Students are taught how the equation works in order to get the answer, rather than going straight to the answer. This way, children are able to learn mathematical concepts and operations through logic and critical thinking; skills used not only in math, but in all aspects of life
The Study takes pride in helping its students become original thinkers. We encourage our students to understand that there are many different ways to answer a question or to go about a certain situation. Arts and crafts are a sure-proof way to help improve a student’s creativity. Through different arts and crafts, students will brainstorm, experiment, and persevere; creative skills that a child will need in life.
Personality Development
The child’s personality stems from their representations of the social world and the self.  This program aims to develop the child’s social and personal skills by introducing activities that encourage the strengthening of self-confidence and leadership which are essential building blocks to their success and personal fulfillment.

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The Tutorial and Languages Department of Enderun Colleges, called The Study, started accommodating English as Second Language students in 2008. It became a vehicle for degree-bound students to develop and master their academic English skills prior to taking up regular degree courses in the college. As years have progressed, more young and adult students enrolled in the programs. By 2011, through its exceptional service, unparalleled commitment and international-caliber programs, the number of new students and re-enrollments have dramatically increased. The program offerings also became more diverse with academic tutorials, online language classes and foreign language classes.

The Study by Enderun Colleges offers a variety of lifestyle and enrichment courses both for kids and adults, from professionals to enthusiasts, there is always an opportunity to learn something new!
The Study by Enderun Colleges
1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1634
+632 856 5000 loc 505
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