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The Real Estate Condominium Boom which started in 2007 and peaked in 2015 has produced a multitude of properties that needs to be professionally managed and not just maintained or merely administered. It is the task of the Property Manager to come up and implement a Management Plan that will preserve the beauty, utility and function of the property, enhance its value and ensure its continued viability or profitability or both!

At present, we only have a handful of local professional property managers. Our local Licensed RE Consultants serve as mere employees of foreign entities who now dominates the market  but it is them who do most of the research, market and feasibility studies are paid a pittance compared to their foreign counterparts sometimes by a ratio of 1:20.

In the field of Property Management, Filipinos are hired only as Leasing Managers, Facilities Manager, Maintenance Engineers and downline staff. This is because no school or institution has offered to the public a formal and comprehensive course on Property Management.  This , despite the fact that the college degree required before one  becomes eligible to take the PRC Licensure Exams is called - Bachelor of Science in Real Estate "Management".

The big problem that is immediately staring us in the eye is that there are not enough real estate practitioners in the country that have substantial education and experience in the field of Property Management. There are several half-day seminars on Property Management offered by schools and providers but they simply reinforced the notion that PM is just building maintenance, janitorial services and leasing. That is why there are no prominent Filipino Property Management firms who could compete with their foreign counterparts. Such shortage of qualified PMs accounts for the rapid detoriation of relatively new buildings and other development projects. Buildings as young as 7 years old have an effective age of twice that number of years. As soon as most condos or subdivisions units are completely sold-out, turned over to homeowners and elect their respective HOA officers, most would be in the dark on what to do next. The problem will be further magnified as soon as current projects are finished

To address this problem, NETSCORE REsource Management and Training Center Co.in cooperation with the Mandaluyong City Real Estate Board (MCRB-PAREB) will  hold its third cycle of REAL Estate Administration & Management REAM 7-day Certificate Course on Property Management to be held beginning April 14, 2018 and forfive succeeding Saturdays after at the Cordova Hall of Berjaya Hotel, Makati Ave. , Makati City.


The Course is divided into three parts -
1.Property Administration that includes preparation of :
    A. Management Plan,
    B. Maintenance Plan,
    C. Marketing Plan,
    D. Budgeting and
    E. day-to-day operations;
2. The Reserve Plan :
     A. Property Analysis
     B. Component List
     C. Capital Budgeting and:
3. The Funding Plan :
     A. Financial Analysis
     B. Financial Management
     C. Risk Management

As an added bonus, NETSCORE will give an extra module on how to deal with HOAs and Condo Corps.

Salespersons, Brokers and Appraisers may also avail of CPD credit units on a per day basis for their accreditation or license renewal requirements as prescribed by RA 10912 better known as the New CPD Law.

NETSCORE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND TRAINING CENTER CO. is a PRC-Accredited CPD Provider with Accreditation No. 2016-047 valid until Nov.19, 2019.


Among our very professional and talented pool of resource persons are:
1. Dr. Tomasito Z. Academia, REB, REA, REC, PhD, EnvP
2. Mary Ann Medina Cue, REB, REA, REC, CPA
3. Jovi Francis Tupaz, REB, REA, REC, Ind. Engr.
4. Jeciel Benavidez, REB, Geologist
5. Dean Hospicio Ebarle Jr, REB, REA, Civil Engr., Mech.Engr.
6. Vivien R. Carmona, REB, BSEd, Fire Safety & Comm. Expert

Special Offer

While this same course is being offered abroad for $1,800. NETSCORE will  offer the course for a fraction of the price -only P18,000. Special Early Bird discounted rate of P16,000 will be extended to early registrants and returning REBUILDers, the title given to NETSCORE Alumni, until July 31, 2017.

If you have decided that Professional Property Management is for you, leave it to our team of PM experts. Click the ENROLL button and have it charged to your favorite credit card. You have the option to convert it to an installment plan by simply informing your credit card company.

For one-time cash payments, register online thru this link: 

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     NetScore Resource and Training Center came about as a result of the apparent need for a more up-to-date, more responsive and highly committed CPE provider in the Real Estate Service.

       Its founder, RE Broker/Appraiser/PRC Lecturer/ Realtor NESTOR S. CORREA, has more than 36 years of marketing experience in various industries such as consumer electronics, photographic equipment, reprographics (copiers), power management, events management, cosmetic surgery and lastly, real estate. He is an independent Marketing & Communications Consultant before deciding to become mentor to up-and -coming brokers, appraisers and salespersons.

      NetScore's proven track record of providing premium quality educational programs has drawn the acclaim of very successful alumni and practitioners such as:
               1. RESTART for Entry-level real estate professionals,
               2. REBUILD for aspiring Brokers,
               3. REAP for beginners in the Appraisal practice
               4. REARM for advanced brokers wishing to sharpen their skills, ...

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