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The seminar covers the whole project life cycle starting from conceptualization to closeout to give the participants wide range view of the whole project process.

The seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to construction project management, including the applicability of the principles of project management and all phases of project development from project conceptualization, initiation (covering planning, environmental clearance, design, construction and commissioning) and closeout.

Participants learn the handy tools for project management to make certain that projects are effectively completed on time, within budget and comply with the Stakeholders and Client’s project specifications.



Characteristics & Principles of Project Management

 Role of a Project Manager

Planning the Project

Project Delivery Strategies

Pre-Construction Phase

Re-entry Action Plan and Evaluation


Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-Construction Submission Requirements

Developing the Project Management Plan

Developing the Support Management Plans

 ISO Management Systems

Re-entry Action Plan and Evaluation


Project Safety, Health and Environmental Management Plan (PMP)
Risk Management Plan
Quality Plan
Construction PhaseCommissioning Phase
Project Closeout
Re-entry Action Plan and Evaluation


No. of Days: 3
Total Hours: 24
No. of Participants: 25
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