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General Job (GJ) Automotive Servicing Course NC I, II, III, IV

TMP Tech's "General Job" Automotive Servicing Course is a two (2) year, TESDA-recognized bundled NC I to IV program combined with Toyota's global "Technical Education for Automotive Mastery for the 21st Century" (TEAM21) training package, with an extensive On-the-Job Training (OJT) at an authorized local Toyota dealer. It includes core, basic and common competencies augmented with advanced technologies, computer, language (English) , Toyota Way, Safety, Environment, 5S and Customer Service modules designed to prepare the student to be a productive part of the Toyota family, making TMP Tech graduates highly employable in Toyota's local and overseas dealer service network.

Admission applications and weekly examinations are open while slots are available. Please inquire at TMP Tech Student Affairs Department for details on various scholarships available.
TMP Tech is also a TESDA-accredited Assessment Center for Auto Servicing NC I, II, III and IV. Please contact TMP Tech for competency assessment schedules at trunkline: (02) 5194203 and (049) 530831, or visit our website at

Auto Servicing BATCH 12 starts on June 13
, 2019.
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