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(Under Section 12 of DAO 26, Series of 1992, to wit ” Any establishment failing to designate and or appoint PCO shall be fined or penalized in accordance with Section 106 of the NPCC Rules and Regulations or Section 9 of P. D. 984”.)

PCO Training Course is DENR-EMB Approved Course for 4-days. It is a modular training program composed of group activities, lectures from environmental and technical professionals and a plant visit meant to equip you with the skills and knowledge required for PCO Accreditation by the DENR-EMB. For effective learning, each run of the course is limited to 25 participants. Attendance in all five modules are required to complete the course.

Module 1 Framework of the Evironmental Regulations in the Philippines and Philippine Environmental Impact Assessment System (PD 1586)
Module 2 Water Pollution: Laws, Compliance Procedures and Control Measures
Module 3 Air Pollution: Laws, Compliance Procedures and Control Measures
Module 4 Toxic and Hazardous Substances & Solid Waste Management
Module 5 PCO Responsibilities, Environmental Reporting and Pollution Adjudication
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ENVIRONMENTAL COUNSELORS, INC. (ECI) is an organization of professionals engaged primarily in environmental research as well as the promotion and development of environmentally sound technologies consistent with the principles of sustainable development. It combines the technical, with the legal aspects of environmental studies.

Founded in early 1997, it is a consulting firm established by experts from various fields of environmental studies and management. Some of its members were previously from government, principally the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines. Others were drawn from academic institutions such as the University of the Philippines. Some members came from other environmental consulting or service firms or worked with Social Development Organizations, as well as Non-Government or Non-profit Groups prior to joining ECI. ECI has been accredited by the Land Bank of the Philippines and the World Bank to provide environmental services for its finance projects.

Environmental Training Institute (ETI)
This ECI division established in 2004 provides customized and public training courses on environment and natural resources management. To date, hundreds of training programs has been conducted both at its training center in Manila and other parts of the country. The trainings offered include Introduction and Orientation Seminars, Environmental Law and Regulations seminar, DENR-EMB approved Modular Training Course for Pollution Control officers, Technical Seminars and Training Programs. ...

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