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Course Description


This training program is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of a student who is to meet the criteria and perform the job as a flight attendant effectively. having ultimately captured the importance and significance of such, we are able to upgrade the level of skills of individuals in the airline in-flight service industry by providing skilled human resources and services with regards to the possible use of airline service and safety related equipment, tools and materials. The Flight Attendant Student is then granted a certificate of completion once they pass the competency assessment – fast establishing professional pool of flight attendant students ready to serve well both domestic and overseas requirements.


  • Module 1  :  Personality Development


The module is made a tool to further develop and enhance the personality of the trainees so they may be able to easily adapt in their chosen field of discipline, learning the skills and techniques which will render them most effective in the service and people oriented business industry they desired to be a significant part of.


  • Module 2  :  Aircraft Familiarization


The module is created and developed to primarily acquaint the student of the general airline policies and regulations being implemented by various international airlines. It will likewise familiarize students of the exterior and interior parts of the aircraft and the different aircraft emergency equipments found on board the aircraft,  their features as well as their functions.


  • Module 3  :  Emergency Situations and Procedures


The module is formulated to familiarize students/trainee with the different in-flight safety emergency procedures and situations and learn how to demonstrate in properly responding to the various emergency situations they are likely to encounter as a flight attendant.


  • Module 4  :  On Board Service

This module is formulated for the student/trainee to have full knowledge on the general policies and procedures in the implementation of on board services of an airline. This module will likewise enhance and develop the skills required in the preparation and presentation of all In-flight services like First Class and Economy Class Service.

  • Module 5  :  Interview Essentials


This module was formulated and created to fully equip and confidently prepare aspiring flight attendant trainees with the skills, poise and posture which will give them remarkable edge during their various interviews with airlines both local and international.


Special Offer

ICATS Standard Program

ICATS Standard Program, is an in-depth FA training program for young individuals who believe that further equipping themselves with the basic knowledge and enhanced skills and attitude will provide everything necessary in achieving their goal to become a competent FA at the airline of their choice.

  • Personality Development
  • Aircraft Familiarization
  • Emergency Situations and Procedures
  • On Board Service
  • Interview Essentials

ICATS Gold Program

ICATS Gold Program, Aims to bring ICATS Standard program at the doorstep of young professionals whose availability is constraint by their working schedules and personal concern- but whose heart throbs to achieve. Their ultimate dream of working as a flight attendant. It’s just a time shift. But the quality of training is based on ICATS commitment to excellence just the same.

  • Personality Development
  • Aircraft Familiarization
  • Emergency Situations and Procedures
  • On Board Services
  • Interview Essentials
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