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Beautiful concepts and lasting imagery. Creative mind, and style. With Che Vienes (Canine and Feline Portraitist)

Reality: It is a lot of working with pets, from conceptualizing to shooting and then satisfying your clients and other people. Companion animals plays a big part in many lives so it’s no surprise that pet photography will become popular than ever.

This hands on workshop will teach you how to capture pets with a heartfelt and memorable way. Develop your perspective, the environment, composition, and mood to create impressive pet portraits.

What will be covered
  • Necessary skills, tips/tricks of a pet photographer.
  • Basic equipment for pet photography.
  • Most common pet behavior and body language.
  • Basic setting for studio and outdoor environment.
  • Creative Pet Photography: direction, detail shots and posing
  • Building an appealing portfolio: Your style.
  • Photographing pet.
  • Photographing multiple pets.
  • Photographing pet and its human companion.
  • Business of Pet Photography.
Who will benefit
  • Wants to discover the art of photographing companion animals.
  • Wanted to be a professional companion animal photographer.
  • Wants to know the necessary skills, tips and tricks for capturing timeless photographs of companion animals.
  • Has the desire in capturing the personality or the spirit of a pet.
  • Wants to satisfy clients and gain more specific projects.
Expected outcome
  • Developed photographers understood how pets think and how to have their foundation in pet portrait sessions.
  • Learned necessary skills for capturing priceless images of our furry friends that will impress even the most particular clients.
  • Master crucial processes including marketing, advertise and grow their business in Philippines’ growing pet industry today.
What to bring
  • Good and working DSLR w/ Prime Lens (and zoom lens)
  • Students must have attended the PCCI Basic Photography workshop or equivalent, or are familiar with the basic camera controls for exposure, focus, color, and compression.
Please read these important notes:

We will be working with different breeds during this class. And while these dog/Cats have been screened for temperament, working with dogs in a studio/Outdoor setting carries a certain amount of risk, however small. In return for your participation in the program, you agree to assume all liability for any injury you might incur and hold both The PCCI and Che Vienes harmless of all claims.

Remember that these are real animals that are new to being in a studio. As such the welfare of the animals will come before our desire to photograph them. We will make reasonable attempts to give participants the best photographic experience possible, but participants must understand that we anticipate a certain level of chaos and we will make our best attempts to control it.

Please do NOT bring dog treats. We are working closely with the dog owners and handlers, and they know these dogs best. It is important that we do not run into problems with digestion, allergies, etc.

The instructor

Che Vienes introduces herself as a canine and feline portraitist. Artist who specialize in companion animal photography (dogs & cats).

Popular among pet lovers for having recently featured in Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect section ‘Photographer of the week’ Sept. 6, 2016, and Philippine Daily Inquirer Feb. 14, 2017 for her works as an advocate for the love of animals, her chosen field became her favorite subject because as a pet lover and owner, she can execute artistic concepts naturally and comfortably with these creatures.

With her aim to provide clients “with beautiful concepts and lasting imagery through hard work, creative mind, and style,” Che shines in her field with her dedication to providing a visual artistry in animal photography.

Vienes has been in the photography business since 2013 – shooting for private clients and (Kennels) commercially. Her works has been featured CNN, WLOX News, CBS, ABC, and local TV station ABS CBN news. Her imagery is used by International BEVIE and Gilded Magazine and other online blogs/News in Asia and United Kingdom.

Currently working with Pet oriented Magazines locally (Animal Scene Magazine) and pet care industry, pet organization (groups) such as CARA Welfare Philippines, Gerald Anderson Foundation and Phil. Canine Club Incorporated.

Clients include Dr. Clauder Philippines, Doggies Choice Pet Care Products, Ezydog Philippines, Italian Product (Monge) dog/cat food and Bengal Brew/Wolf n Bear Café.

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Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) is the country’s premier training center for digital media and photography.

At PCCI, you’re taught by certified instructors and respected industry pros with years of experience. So you get, not only the basic how-tos, but also real-world techniques, do’s and don’ts, what works and what doesn’t.

Conveniently located in Metro Manila, our training facility provides a worry-free environment that lets you concentrate on your learning. Our after-training support is likewise unmatched in the industry.


Philippine Center for Creative Imaging, Inc.
2247 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1233
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