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Managing Generations in the Workplace from Boomers to Bloggers
Have you experienced frustration that you don’t seem to get how the older or the younger generation work? If you want to find ways of understanding, working, communicating and thriving in this unique work landscape, find out in this program!


I. Understanding different generations
a. Boomers, GenX, Gen Y, Millenials
b. Work ethics
c. Attitude at work
d. Motivation at work
II. Blending in the workplace
a. Integrating employee engagement
b. Managing personality traits
III. Coaching and mentoring millenials
a. Coaching vs. mentoring
b. Coaching techniques
IV. Preparing for the next generation (Gen Z)
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PAMAV Training Institute & Technology Center, Inc.

PAMAVTECH was formed in 2005 to offer competency training programs and continuous education that offers up-to-date skills and relevant knowledge through exposure to various current industry practices. 

Our highest regard for distinction has been built on the principle of global standards; we believe that prospects for development are abundant but the skills necessary to be a successful practitioner are often beyond university learning. Hence, we are committed to equip you with the international standard knowledge and the necessary competence to prosper in the ever-evolving industry. 

Our board of directors and management team are experts in their field; they bring with them, more than 100 years of collective experience and knowledge in the academe and engineering industry.
Pamav Training Institute & Technology Center, Inc.
6F 68 Kalayaan VCP, Kalayaan Avenue, Teachers' Village West, Quezon City 1101, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1113
+632 83636800 loc 8303
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