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Data Visualization Using Power BI

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On-Site / Workshop
Ended last May 31, 2018
PHP  7,840.00 (VAT incl.)


Self-Service Business Intelligence at your fingertips! That is Power View. Its interactive environment is designed to enable regular Excel users up to power users in creating engaging and compelling data visualization. The stories that are hidden behind numbers can now be made to surface using the powerful visual techniques found in Power View.

Participants will be able to use Power View to gain insights on data stories, and transform their work into discovery experiences after the completion of this hands-on training. The Microsoft Power View is an Excel 2013 add-in, which enables interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience for users at all skill levels. By consolidating data in tables, matrices, maps, and a variety of charts, users create interactive views that visualize the underlying stories behind the numbers and presented in both geographical 2D and 3D formats. Powerful options for this data exploration include timelines that allow for animation of data over time.

At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to be conversant of the transition process of extracting their data sources, cleaning their data (or transforming their data), and loading it into MS Power BI Desktop for modelling purposes. The final completion proof is that they will be able to view their reports using their mobile devices.

Participants must have had at least 6-months continuous use of MS Excel (any version from 2007 till 2016), and must have the desire to enhance their visualization techniques for reports and presentations.

Who Should Attend
This is a one-day course on the MS Power BI Desktop, MS Power BI Service and MS Power BI Mobile. This course is intended to introduce participants into a step-by-step hands-on training workshop on how to convert their Excel and other data sources into dynamic and responsive data visualizations, with the final objective of being able to view their converted data into powerful and mobile based reports.


Part I 
• Practical and Concise Definition of Data Visualization
• What is Power BI?
• Components of Power BI
• Data Sources Accessible by Power BI

Part II 
• The Power BI Family
• Data Sources
• Power BI Desktop
• Power BI Service (Cloud)
• Power BI Mobile

Part III 
• Power BI Desktop Facilities
• ETL (extracting from any valid data source), Transforming (or cleaning), Data, and Loading into Power BI Desktop
• Data Modelling (connecting various data sources)
• Viewing Database
• Managing and Viewing Data Relationships
• Creating Various Data Visualizations
• Creating Interactive Visualizations
• Creating Map-Based Reports
• Creating Animations Using Bubble/Scatter Charts
• Creating Various Charts (selected)
• Publishing Data to Power BI Service

Part IV
• MS Power BI Service
• Viewing Power BI Desktop Files (PBIX)
• Creating Dashboards
• Viewing Content Packs
• Using Natural Query Language
• Sharing with Others

Part V 
• Using Power Mobile
• Accessing Your Data Visualization Files
• Keeping Connected / Data Refresh
• Your Report in Your Pocket
• Short Practical Case Study

Special Offer

Learning Investment
PhP 7,000 plus VAT per head
(includes coffee breaks, lunch, training materials and certificate of attendance)


No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 8
No. of Participants: 18
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The European Innovation, Technology, and Science Center Foundation (EITSC) is an initiative of several European and Philippine development-oriented organizations.
Creating European-Philippine partnerships, the EITSC is the bridge for Philippine companies into the European market and for European firms to build strategic partnerships with Philippine business in innovation/technology/science and to set-up beachheads in the country. It is committed to building Philippine-European relations.
The EITSC is convinced that the sector of innovation, technology and science in its widestand potentially most disruptive interpretation has become and will continue to be one of the drivers of change in the Philippines.

The sector has grown substantially in recent years, but the full potential of the Philippines as a service hub for innovation, technology and science has still to be developed. The challenges to be addressed by both government and the private sector in a public-private-partnership range from effective marketing of the skills available in the country to creating the manpower resource able to catch the available business opportunities in all regions of the world.

We see rapid innovations in the areas of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, big data and data analytics and evolving delivery models. It is imperative that the IT-BPM Industry evolves with the changing demands of the market to remain competitive and maintain its position as a destination of choice for IT-BPM Services. ...
EITSC Workshops
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