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#KidsKendoIt3 At The City Club

The #KidsKendoIt Program is IGA Kendo Club’s official Kendo summer program for ages 5 and up. Now on its third year, the program is designed to introduce kids and their siblings/parents/guardians to the basics of Kendo in a period of 2-hour 8-sessions held in our Makati Dojos. 

NOTE: Though this is primarily a program designed for kids, even adults may register to join this short course.

Venue: Basketball Court
The City Club, Alphaland Makati Place
7232 Ayala Avenue Ext. Makati City

Schedule: Sundays, 4pm - 6pm, starting May 20. Please be early for the session so that you can get ready prior to the start of the training. 

Fees: Php 3800 for 8 sessions

Attire: Please come in a set of comfortable work-out clothes (e.g. t-shirt and shorts/jogging pants). Footwear not required as we practice barefoot.

Beverage: We have water stations available but it is highly recommended that you bring your own water bottles.

Equipment to Rent or Purchase: Shinai or bamboo sword.
Rental = P1,000.00 for 8 sessions
Buying Children's Shinai = P2,500.00
Buying Adult Shinai = P2,800.00


1) Introduction to Kendo
2) Reigi & Reiho - Kendo etiquette and procedures
3) Chudan no Kamae - Assuming the basic Kendo stance
4) Ashisabaki & Fumikomiashi - Kendo footwork
5) Suburi - practice sword hitting with no target
6) Kihon Waza - practice sword hitting on a target
7) Jigeiko - basic Kendo sparring


Head Instructor - Igarashi Koji, 5dan


No. of Days: 8
Total Hours: 16
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