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Effective Team Leaders’ Guide to Teamwork and Team Building

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In a classic and evolving form of organization, a team is an indispensable fragment. As a catalyst, an effective team leader must create a team that is autonomous yet communicates well and aims to be a brand champion.

Motivating team members may be of different light per individual. This seminar will showcase new and tested motivational techniques backed by psychology and a practical guide to efficiently foster team members’ talents, characteristics and individuality.

A natural team leader combines leadership, mentoring, management and facilitating skills as a tool to develop an efficient individual, a cohesive team and a strong organization.

Key Topics

I. Effective Team Leadership

II. Self-Assessment

III. Leadership by Style and Choice

IV. Creating a Vision

V. Conducting Focused Group Discussions and Meetings

VI. Giving Feedback

VII. Building Champions

VIII. Effective Team Member

IX. Motivation 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

X. Setting a Self-Direction

XI. Team Building Activities

XII. Workshop

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