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Business taxation is extremely important but the lack of training on this subject has made most people avoid giving it the proper attention. Most leave the matter to the accountants but ultimately the person in charge will be liable regardless of his/her ignorance.

The seminar-workshop presents the procedures and computations in a simplified manner so as to enable the participant to have a good basic knowledge of business taxation after completing the seminar.

Key Topics

I. Fundamentals of taxation (What is business taxation?)
a. Taxation and taxes definitions
b. Types of Internal Revenue Taxes and persons liable to pay
c. Types of Taxpayer

II. Certificate of Registration (COR)

III. Taxpayers registration guidelines and procedures

IV. Update, transfer and cancellation of registration

V. Annual registration fee

VI. Registration of invoices and receipts

VII. Registration and keeping of books of accounts, manual and computerized

VIII. Tax returns, forms, deadlines of filing and payments and procedures for filling-up

IX. Business Taxes
1. Value Added Tax (VAT)
a. Persons and transactions subject to VAT
b. VAT rates and computation
c. Exempt transactions
d. Zero rated transactions
e. Withholding on VAT
2. Other Percentage Tax
a. Tax on persons exempt from VAT

X. Withholding Tax System
a. Expanded Withholding Tax
b. Withholding tax on wages
c. Final Withholding Tax

XI. Income taxation
a. Corporate Income Tax
b. Individual Income Tax

XII. Basic taxpayers’ remedies in case of tax assessments.

XIII. Question and Answer

XIV. Workshop – please bring a calculator

To register, please call or text: Tel. (02) 225.66.16 / (02) 225.73.47 / (02) 225.73.48 / (02) 727.88.60 / (02) 727.56.28  / Mobile Numbers: Globe: 0915.205.0133 / Smart: 0908.342.3162 / Sun: 0933.584.7266 / Globe: 0926.622.0768 / Globe: 0915.900.9294 (look for Ms. Keah or Ms. May), or email us the following details at so we can better assist you:







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No. of Days: 2
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