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Executive Masterclass on Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Enabling Your Business to Make Smarter Decisions

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Ended last Jun 08, 2018
PHP  10,988.00 (VAT inclusive)


Are you tired of being under constant pressure to make

?the right number-based decisions for your organization?

Are you too often overwhelmed by an out-of-control flood of numerical information, much of it conflicting and confusing?

Big data is growing fast as organizations devote technology resources to tapping the terabytes (if not petabytes) of data flowing into their organizations and externally in social media data and other sources. What does this all mean for business intelligence (BI) users and systems? With all the attention on advanced analytics for big data, what’s the play for BI?

Integrating advanced analytics for big data with BI systems is an important step toward gaining full return on investment. Advanced analytics and BI can be highly complementary; advanced analytics can provide the deeper, exploratory perspective on the data, while BI systems provide a more structured user experience. BI systems’ richness in dashboard visualization, reporting, performance management metrics, and more can be vital to making advanced analytics actionable.

Executive Masterclass on Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence:
Enabling Your Business to Make Smarter Decisions

June 08, 2018
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Meralco Avenue & Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Philippines


877-6502 | 832-1409
370-9961 to 63
(Globe) 0917-3257870
(Smart) 0919-6142598

Course Description

Information is supposed to make us smarter, but more often than not, it simply overwhelms us.

This executive masterclass is for you if you feel like you’re drowning in data and unsure which data to use to drive your company initiatives.

The truth is that the amount of data available to help run your business is greater than ever before. To effectively use this information, managers must consider the practical side of big data…what matters to you is how do you grow and build a team to make smarter decisions.

Much of the information out there just discusses the promise of the data deluge. The challenge is not the volume of data but rather the judgment needed to use it.

This executive masterclass goes beyond the qualitative side of data analysis to explore proven quantitative techniques and technologies for identifying, inventorying and integrating data, so that more informed and reliable business decisions can be made.

Learning Investment for this 1-Day Executive Masterclass:

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LEARNING INVESTMENT INCLUDES: A “Fun-filled” learning experience, complete with Learning Manuals, certificates and freebies! plus… AM Snacks, Sumptuous Buffet Lunch and PM Snacks!


ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.

877-6502 | 832-1409
370-9961 to 63



Email: SuccessSeminars@Ariva.com.ph

R E G I S T E R O N L I N E: www.Ariva.com.ph
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