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Customer Service Excellence - Hotel and Resort Edition

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There are a lot of of hotels and resorts around the world and one sure thing customers look into, apart from great food is excellent customer service leading to memorable CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

"Customer experience is what the customer remembers when he/she walks out from the establishment."

Your hotel or resort should not only be a choice destination but also a choice of excellent CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE that will keep the customers coming back.

There are a lot of customer service training all over the world but one thing is lacking and that is application of things learned and completely serving the customer.  In this training, it offers more than theories but remarkable discussions embedded in case studies and role plays. In this way, it becomes realistic and effective leading to application of the things learned. 

This is one of the Top 5 training from Learning Avenue PH this is being facilitated by a former manager from the hospitaly industry.

If you want to see great improvements in your service delivery in your establishment that will lead to SALES AND CUSTOMER RETENTION, then by all means this course is designed for that goal.

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CALL: 347 9268 and 0922 8879268


No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 8
No. of Participants: 10
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