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Certified HR Business Partnering

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The Certified HR Business Partner program of Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI) is being launched worldwide in association with Middle Earth HR - the World's 7th Largest Training Company.


Today, the business environment is more competitive and there is greater need for HR Business Partners to support the business in their decisions. HR Business Partner (HRBP) is an integral link between the Business Unit (BU) and HR, and is generally the focal point for execution of HR processes to support BU’s operations. One of the pivotal roles in the Next Generation of HR service delivery model is the HR Business Partner. It refers to changing nature of the requirement for business leaders who support functions such as HR, Finance and IT.


The strategic role in Human Resource management requires broader understanding and long term vision for HR professionals. Professionals ensure the day-to-day operations are working though they don’t personally deliver that service. But, leading the strategic initiatives, strategic development and its implementation while ensuring the daily operation runs rhythmically is definitely the challenge.


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 16
No. of Participants: 20
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