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The training course involves class lecture, hands-on, tutorial located at Morayta, Manila, Philippines.


Do you want to learn how to Model, Analyze and Design Buildings the way the Structural Consulting Firms do?

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Course Description: Structural Modeling, Analysis and Design of
                                  Buildings Using ETABS v2016

Course Code: SI-SAB
Duration: 40 hrs
Fee: Php 4,700.00
Venue: SI Training Center - Desktop Set Up and Hands-On Training

Coverage 100%: Applied to 10-Story Reinforced Concrete Reinforced Building
                            Structural System: DUAL SYSTEM

Part A. 40%: On Using ETABS Modeling Techniques

Part B. 30%: On ETABS Static, Dynamic Earthquake, Modal Analysis and Building Response Indicators (e.g. static and dynamic base shear scaling, bldg. drift, bldg. displacement, irregularity, eccentricity, etc.)

Part C. 30%: On NSCP 2015, ACI 318, UBC 97, ASCE 07 Design Code Provisions
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