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(Duration: 18 months)

Preparing a Career as a Manager
As a result of the unprecedented growth in the hospitality industry at present, there is a huge opening for employment opportunities and demand for highly skilled workforce to manage complex operations, to lead dynamic staff and to deliver excellent customer service.

Hospitality supervisors and managers have to perform multi-tasking functions due to constant involvement in every aspect of operation. The job requires the skills in leadership and motivation; the ability to manage labour and economic challenges; the know-how to design and execute competitive strategies; to coach, provide counsel and manage stress among staff.

With superior quality of career training, DHOM graduates will have all the core competencies necessary to work effectively within the hospitality industry. They will also have the competencies necessary to lead and motivate others within their supervision. These are essential qualities of a supervisor and manager, and this is the diploma program that will help you develop them. The curriculum explores the various functions of hospitality management and teaches a customer-focused approach with service excellence.

By combining classroom learning with hands on work experience, ITCHI offers the best preparation for a career in hotel management. Courses are taught by experienced hospitality professionals and guest lecturer

Job Opportunities
DHOM Graduates can be qualified for a variety of positions, such as supervisors or managers at lodging facilities, restaurants and resorts, as well as, in tourist operations locally and internationally.

Graduates with entrepreneurial goals may choose to develop their own business like service apartment, restaurant, catering, laundry and more. This diploma explores the various functions of management and encourages a customerfocused approach with service excellence.

Academic Curriculum
In the foundation of the program, trainees will complete a balance academic course work, together with practicum work experience at our partner hotel. Students are exposed to industry-specific topics such as: Front Office, Housekeeping, Bartending and Food and Beverage as well as personality development, workplace communication proficiency and service excellence. Students can already gain the skills, knowledge and competence necessary to enter the hospitality industry with career advancement potential.

On the second part of the course, students will gain supervisory skills, knowledge and competence necessary to gain career advancement potential in the hospitality industry. They will also have the competencies necessary to lead and motivate others within the industry.

On the third part, DHOM is designed for hospitality professionals within hotels, restaurants and for corporate employees who are also interested in a comprehensive understanding of hospitality management. Students can improve their job performance and marketability by mastering the essential components of hospitality operations: planning, marketing, human resources, operations, information systems, quality service, accounting, food services management and leadership skills.

Part 1
1. Hospitality Today: An Introduction
2. Food and Beverage Operations, with Banquet Service, Restaurant Host/Hostess and F&B Up selling Techniques
3. Barista Services
4. Housekeeping Operations, with Laundry and Valet Service
5. Front Office Operations, with Micros Opera, Concierge, Guest Service/Guest Relations and FO Up selling Techniques
6. Bartending Operations, with Flaring
7. Language Proficiency: English for Hotel, Accent Neutralization, Business and Report Writing, Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviewing Skills

Part 2
8. Essential Supervisory Skills
9. Leadership and Training Skills
10. Presentation Skills, Conduct Meeting and Briefing
11. Coaching, Motivation and Team Building

Part 3

12. Essential Managerial Skills
13. Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
14. Understanding Hospitality Law
15. Managing Hospitality Human Resources - Interview Techniques, New Hire Orientation, Performance Evaluation
16. Managing Front Office Operations
17. Managing Food and Beverage
18. Managing Housekeeping Operations
19. Hospitality Sales and Marketing
20. Hotel and Restaurant Accounting
21. Managing Housekeeping Operations
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