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Fundamentals in Baking and Pastry Arts Course (FBPAC)

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In-Person / Short Course
Ended last Nov 17, 2018
PHP  49,800.00 (VAT inclusive)


The Fundamentals in Baking & Pastry Arts course compressed in 82-hour, 10 to 13-day comprehensive hands-on training program that is based on CCA’s commitment in developing baking skills, infusing knowledge and transforming the learner’s attitude though the right concepts and techniques, proper palate training, speed in working and teamwork. Each class is designed to teach a specific skill which gradually becomes more complex as the program progresses. The sessions conclude with a group tasting and a critique of the day’s work by the chef instructor so that the participants continue to develop their skills.



Session 1- Introduction to Professional Cooking & Basic Foundation Course andKitchen Safety and Sanitation

Session 2 - Nutrition and Knife Skills

Session 3 - Cookies and Bars

Session 4 - Quick Breads

Session 5 - Rolls and Loaves

Session 6 - Individual Pastries

Session 7 - Basic Cakes 1

Session 8 - Basic Cakes 2

Session 9 - Specialty Breads

Session 10 - Specialty Cakes

Session 11 - Rolled Fondant and Basic Cake Decoration

Session 12 - Filipino Desserts

Session 13 - Chocolate Confectioneries


No. of Days: 13
Total Hours: 82
No. of Participants: 10
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