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One of the challenges facing any organization and even Human Resources professionals is the challenge on defining the competencies required to meet both operational (maintenance of business) and strategic (medium and long term business plans) competencies  in lieu of the traditional job descriptions.


BSC helps and is able to put clarity on this matter and can customize a competency development program that will fit your organization’s requirement.


Essentials of the 1-day Competency Development Training:

  • Defining competency vs “job description”
  • Understanding competency processes:
    • Competency Mapping
    • Skills Analysis and Gap Analysis
    • Competency Assessment
  • Integrating Competency model to:
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Performance Management System
    • Leadership Development Program
    • Career Development Program
  • Converting process learnings to a powerful business case proposal to the stakeholders.
  • Open Discussion/Round Table Conversation with participants.
  • Post Training consultation arrangement with BSC Consultants.
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