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To sustain continuous organizational growth and stability of the company, any organization has to recognise the challenge of retaining employees who are continuously performing at the excellence level. Raising the bar is imperative to keep employees engaged by way of providing them opportunities to grow in the corporate ladder.


BSC recognises this need. Hence the offering to help and provide clients on how this need can proactively keep and retain top talents as well as to meet its future manpower requirements ahead of time.


Key essentials on 1-day Career Development Program training:

  • Career Development defined and framework
  • Process on career development program:
    • Pre-work activities
      • Organisational Structure Review
      • Critical positions review, emerging talent requirements vs. market supply and scarcity
    • Talent Pool Assessment
      • 9 Box Grid
    • Talent Placement
      • Career Development Curriculum
      • Review and Assessment
      • Timing
    • Open Discussion/Round Table Conversation with participants.
    • Post Training consultation arrangement with BSC Consultants.
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