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Undoubtedly, leadership is a big word. More so, leadership development program. LDP encompasses huge scope but can be streamlined into a few depending on what company wants to focus on that addresses developmental opportunities and gaps.


BSC can enable the organization in a way that it captures fundamentals around leadership development program and post assessment to develop exactly what the organization would like to focus on.


Essentials of the 1-day Leadership development program training:

  • Leadership Development coverage and definition.
  • Building the fundamentals of leadership, separating and integrating managing leaders as one component
  • Identifying suitable tools on leadership development program
    • Succession Planning
    • Key Resource Program
    • Talent Retention
    • 2-in a Box Model
    • External Talent Acquisition
  • Open Discussion/Round Table Conversation with participants.

Post Training consultation arrangement with BSC Consultants.

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