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Vision, Mission and Values are key factors for a strong and sustainable organisational success. Stakeholders across the company have critical roles that yield to a great place to work, where all types of employees aspire to have. Motivating and nourishing both in the personal and professional   arena.


It is in this premise that BSC, as your business partner is capable of providing clients with the end in mind to help and support their organisational requirements either on  transition mode of operation, transitory mode of operation to a full mode of operation, all in the context of organisational strength and continuous improvements.


Essentials of the 1-day Corporate Values Training:

  • Vision, Mission and Values interrelationships and definitions
  • Building, defining your corporate vision and mission statements
  • Aligning corporate values to vision and mission statements.
  • Work shop Vision, Mission and Values
  • Preparing business case presentation on Vision – Mission – Values proposals to major stakeholders.
  • Open Discussion/Round Table Conversation with participants.
  • Post Training consultation arrangement with BSC Consultants.
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