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A 1-year vocational course focusing on 2D and 3D animatiuons, multimedia and specila effects for films, t.v, and video production. Students will also learn the fundamentals of Computer-Aided Design. Student will also be trained how to adapt in foreign-run countries.


First Semester
  • Print Graphic     - Art Appreciation, Elements and Design                    3 units
  • Freehand           - Lettering , Color, Freehand Drawing                          4 units
  • Digital Print        - Digital Imaging - Raster & Vector                               6 units
  • Integrated Math - Integrated Algebra, Trigonometry & Geometry        3 units
  • Communication  -Business Oral & Written Communication                 3 units
  • Computer            -Hardware, Internet, and MS Office                           3 units
Second Semester
  • Digital Print         -Print Graphic Design Integration                              4 units
  • Digital Video        -Digital Imaging - Video & Sounds                              6 units
  • 3D Animation      -3D Animation & Visualization                                    4 units
  • Packaging            - Package Design                                                          3 units
  • Cartooning          -Character Creation                                                     6 units
Third Semester
  • Web Design        -Web Designing                                                            6 units
  • Cross Culture, Ethics & Practices
                                            -Workplace Cross Cultural Integration                       3 units
  • Advertising         -Consumer Behaviour                                                  3 units
  • Video Graphics   -Video Graphic - Art Appreciation,
                                            Elements & Design                                                      3 units

Special Offer

*Specialized Courses with TESDA 
       *3D Animation and Cartooning NCIII ( 3 months )
  • Arts Appreciation
  • Cartooning and Sketching
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Maya

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Avail P500 per unit this year.

Enrollment is until February 2017 
Classes start on February 2017. 

Microcadd Institute Araneta Center Cubao and San Fernando Pampanga Campuses are now accepting enrollees.

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