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Do you want to learn how to act in short films? Are you a film novice who wants to learn the aspects of short film-making or a movie buff who simply wants to know what goes on behind the scenes? Then the JRP enrichment course on Acting and Creating Short Films is for you! This course is aimed for those who are interested in acting for and making short films. The course will introduce and immerse (hands-on learning) the participants in the study and different aspects of film production (scripting, acting, production design and filming). The course output is the production of either a short film or a television commercial to be presented in a premiere and awards night.

For complete details and line-up of sessions for this workshop, feel free to contact us.
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JOHN ROBERT POWERS founded the modern day billion-dollar modeling industry. From his many writings and published books, Powers created the curriculum that is the core of the personality development, executive skills, modeling, acting and other courses offered at the worldwide network of JOHN ROBERT POWERS SCHOOL.

POWERS believed that there is no such thing as an unattractive person, just some people who do not know how to make the most of themselves. He dedicated his life to helping people develop and take good advantage of their personalities.

Naturalness was his gospel. He expressed to his female students, "don't make up, make down." Our schools still believe and teach his philosophy. Be yourself. Be natural. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. That is what our courses are all about.

In 1920's, Powers went to New York City with the hopes of becoming an actor. His business and entrepreneurial skills led him elsewhere. He overheard an associate saying that he wanted a group of attractive people to pose for magazine advertisements. Powers rounded up acting friends and trained them for these advertisements so the modeling industry was born. He founded the first modeling agency in 1923. Soon afterwards, Powers open the doors for the personality development school. Around the world, the JOHN ROBERT POWERS SYSTEM celebrated its 90th Anniversary in 2013. ...
John Robert Powers
4/F Casmer Bldg Salcedo St Legaspi Village, Makati City, Makati , Metro Manila, Philippines 1229
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