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Building Your Future CDO

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In-Person / Seminar
Ended last Dec 22, 2018


"If you are born poor, it's not your mistake. But if you die poor, it's your mistake." - Bill Gates

Financial Freedom isn't about luck, it's about choice. And the choice is up to you.

Whether you are single or married, just starting out or well into your career, struggling with debt, looking to increase your wealth, or if you are challenged by recent economic changes, this personal finance talk is for You.

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Venue: IMG Financial Center, 2nd Floor Cagayan Town Center, Cagayand De Oro City

*NO registration fee. Pre-registration is required for slot allocation. Strictly NO walk-ins. Limited seats ONLY.

You can also register through SMS/Facebook: Send us your:

Name / Age / Location / Email-Address / Preferred schedule to Joy Bonita, Financial Educator at 09336403707/09173180490 or thru private message.

FB Page:

Register and attend this POWERFUL Seminar! Come and Join us!


What you will discover from this talk:

1. Practical Money Management Strategies

2. Importance of Financial Literacy

3. The 6 Steps to Build a Solid Financial Foundation.

a. How to Increase Cash Flow

b. How to Ensure Proper Protection

c. How to Manage/Eliminate Debts

d. How to Create Emergency Funds

e. How to Make Money Working For You

* Rule of 72

* Preview on how to Invest in the Stock Market through mutual funds

* How to Build a Long-Term Investment

f. How to Preserve Estate

4.The Art of Building a Solid Financial Foundation

5.How to Become Your Own Money Manager

Want to get a FREE "The Secret to Saving and Building Your Future" E-book? Get it now by clicking on the link below:


Total Hours: 1
No. of Participants: 30
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