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The Coffee Master Roasting Course presents a comprehensive education set in working roasteries, coffee origin, and sensory lab.

The craft and the science of roasting are all laid out for students as they explore the nuances of machine operation, safety, maintenance, and the sensory applications required to carefully roast exceptional quality coffees. . It aims for students to develop their abilities in crafting their own signature coffee roast profiles.

Apart from roasting skills, students also learn practical aspects such as inventory control and production management help to round out a complete roasting program. Students finishing this course will be well prepared to contribute extensively in roasting facilities or coffee programs, with a strong background in theory backed by hands-on roasting and sensory evaluation experience.

Note: BaristaPro, Coffee Sensory Master Course, and Applied Sciences in Coffee Origins are prerequisites for this Course.

Related Fields of Study
global trade, agriculture , coffee origin, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, applied math.

Advanced Studies or Careers in 
specialty coffee business, coffee farming, continuing barista education, coffee trading, coffee roasting, agriculture, natural sciences, and social sciences.

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